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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

How to increase your breast size naturally

Men or women, both are obsessed with their looks. But when it comes to women, the obsession goes far beyond the boundaries. Regarded as the epitome of beauty and desired by all, it is obvious for women to be more concerned about their body parts. 

When it comes to her most desired assets, breast is a unanimous choice. Breast for a woman is a precious asset to flaunt, to attain sexual pleasure and at the same time a pious medium to attain the completeness of motherhood. 

Who does not wish to be desired by the opposite sex?  Of, course appearance alone is not all, but it does hold imperative importance in attracting two people towards each other, or if we simply put across, looks are judgmental to create the first impression.

Breast size has always remained  a matter of concern to women. A bigger, fuller and attractive breast is a dream of every woman and the female with such a breast is a dream of every man.  Breast although like every other part is a gift of god, but you can always enhance them to make them more attractive. Be it at any age, breast needs proper care. 

Even if you have fuller breasts, they are prone to sagging after a certain age. With therapeutic remedies, one can help retain the firmness and enjoy a good shape.

Breast implants these days are very common for breast size enhancement. They are around for quite some time now. What we really need to know about getting a surgical breast implant  is that they have a limited life span. 

You cannot be sure that the your enhanced breast will last the rest of your life. Moreover, it has a lot of cost involved  along with various complications pertaining to the surgery due to which you might require to go for another revision or repair surgery. 

These fillers of breast enhancement are made with gel or silicone. With such implants, the owner runs at a high risk of platinum poising that occurs when it ruptures. In a nutshell, when opting for surgical implants, one should carefully weigh the chances of surgery going wrong and its serious implications on the women’s body.

If not surgery, then what is another way to enhance the breast size? Go for it the natural way. There are various home remedies, simple exercises and herbal supplements that can help enhance breast size without putting you at the risk of side-effects.

Home remedies for breast enhancement

Wear Padded bras

It is indeed the easiest and the best way to make your breast look bigger and attractive instantly. Padded bras are the bras that consists of a cloth or plastic foam padding inside the bra lining. No, don’t worry, it won’t make you feel uncomfortable. It is designed to offer the support below the women’s breast. These not only give proper shape to your body but also gives a perfect shape to your dress. The most instant way to address breast size issues is wearing padded bras.

Monitor your diet

With a few inclusions and exclusions, one can see a visible difference in the breast size. Here are the few tips for your diet.Include sesame seeds in your daily diet. Extremely effective in firming and increasing the breast size, the seed consists of vital elements like protein, calcium, phosphorous and iron. One can also pamper breast with a daily massage of sesame oil.

High intake of food with high sugar content is also known to affect breast size. However, this can be a little risky, as sugar is known to affect the overall weight of the body too. Similarly, increased alcohol consumption is also set to increase weight.

Grape seed extracts also help in altering the breast size. Same goes for lower fat dairy products. Onions are known to be extremely helpful in enlarging and firming the breast size. A mixture of fresh onion juice with turmeric powder and honey when consumed in powder form is known to do wonders for breast enlargement. It not only supports breast augmentation but also prevents them from sagging.

Dietary supplements:

When we discuss breast enhancement through diet, dietary supplements also hold a prominent place. With dietary supplements, the reference is of course, on herbal dietary supplements that are actually therapeutic remedies for breast enhancement in a natural way. For example, Soy, red clover, fennel, licorice based dietary supplements are known to help enlargement of breasts. Ingredients like wild yam and dong are also supportive. Largely, most of the herbal supplements contain somewhere around 6 to 12 herbs.

Tofu is a good source of isoflavones, known to affect hormones in the human body. In fact all dairy products consist of prolactin, oestrogen and progesterone that are known to contribute in the growth of breast tissue.

Naturally made herbal creams are also another way of breast enlargement. These herbal therapeutic remedies are available over the counter and also can be ordered online. Although,  it is significant to take the advice of a doctor before consuming such pills.

Easy exercises to enhance breast size:

Exercise has always proven to be a cure to every human problem. Breast enhancement is no different a case. With simple exercises at home or at the gym, one an enlarge the breast size significantly and at the same time stay fit and healthy.

Bench press is known to be the most common and an exercise that yields the best results for the enlargement of breast size. It not only helps in enlarging your breast but also firms and supports your bust line. It offers considerable help in flattening  one’s figure, sculpting the shoulders and even tightening the back of the upper arms  and carves the shoulders. 

A lot easier than it sounds, bench press exercise can be done at the comfort of your home, and all you require is a pair of dumbbells and a bench.

06/11/2012  :  Team Sita Gita.


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