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Monday, 10 December 2012


Who is more or women??


The million dollar question...isnt it?

A question which has  intrigued and baffled so many readers,researchers and scientists alike.Throughout the ages there have been so many researches,surveys and studies conducted on this topic

The word "smart" is itself hard to define.There are Street Smarts, Book Smarts, Creativity, Music smarts, Wit and cleverness...All are measures of intelligence.

For eg : A female friend of mine is qualified doctor,working in a very famous hospital,yet she cant read a basic area navigation map.Another friend of mine is a proffesional guitarist...when he starts playing his guitar...the audience remains spellbound!!...but he needs a calculator to calculate how much would 50 + 30 be!!

Another friend of mine is a genius in mathemetics,can solve the most complex of mathemetical problems without a calculator....but when it comes to reading,he can barely read a paragraph without making an error and continuously

I can give you countless of such examples from day to day life.Some men can be smarter than some women and some women can be smarter than some men. We all are different.We all have our own areas of expertise and weaknesses No man is perfect and no woman is perfect. There's no answer that anyone can prove with fact or at least not yet.

However in order to try and get close to a precise conclusion  in this war of the genders,we shall take a close look and introspect upon a few parameters as given below :

IQ Tests:

This used to be a traditional male bastion.Ever since the IQ Test began about a century ago,men have always had a lead of about 5-15 points than woman, leading psychologists to suggest embedded genetic differences.


However keeping abreast with the changing times,women,it seems have finally decided to beat men in thier own den,and take the lead!!The way women have progressed in other fields like science,technology etc...which were ardently presumed to be a male domain,similarly this year women have moved ahead, according to James Flynn, a world-renowned authority on IQ tests.

"In the last 100 years the IQ scores of both men and women have risen but women's have risen faster ," the Daily Mail quoted Flynn as saying. "This is a consequence of modernity.

The complexity of the modern world is making our brains adapt and raising our IQ," he said.

One possible explanation for this change is that women's lives have now become more demanding as they multitask between raising a family and doing a job.Another reason could be that women have a slightly higher potential intelligence than men but are realizing it only now. Flynn, who will publish his findings in a book,
said more data was needed to explain the trend.


The brain – where women are different : 

Women have slightly smaller brains than men (they weigh about 4oz/100g less) but, as we know, size isn't everything. Elephants, for instance, have much larger brains than humans, but nobody believes they have more intellect. And though women's brains are smaller than men's, they both have a very similar ratio of brain weight to body weight.

Women also have 4 per cent fewer brain cells than men, but this doesn't mean they use them less! There are other male/female differences too!The frontal lobe of the brain plays a major part in making judgements, planning future actions, and in language. Women have far more cells here than men.


The hemispheres 

It is believed that these two halves of the brain probably work differently. The left side helps us think analytically, while the right side helps us look at things as a whole,  involving value judgements and emotion. Men are more likely to be "left-brain dominant" while women are thought to use both hemispheres more equally.

The corpus callosum transfers information between both halves of the brain. Women have a bigger corpus callosum than men, which may account for the fact that women score better on tests of thought fluency and speech.

The limbic system affects our emotions and is, on the whole, bigger in women. Together with a female brain's greater ability to transfer information between its two sides, these facts may help account for women's greater emotional sensitivity.

The bigger limbic system may also mean that women feel negative emotions more sharply, opening them up to a greater risk of depression.


Grey matter and white matter

Processing information goes on in the grey matter, while white matter connects the different parts of our brain, enabling us to carry out various tasks. Women tend to have far more white matter than men, while men are endowed with far more grey matter. Could any or all of these differences above be an explanation for the popular theory that women are better at "multitasking" than men?

The hypothalamus controls the endocrine system that produces many of the hormones in the body. The functions it regulates include sexual function, sleep, water content, and body
temperature. In men the hypothalamus is about twice as big and contains twice as many cells as it does in women.


Visual-Spatial Tests

Research has shown that, on the whole, men perform better than women at visual-spatial tests, so they are good at understanding the things we see and putting them in context – for instance, the way a car engine is put together. Men also tend to be better at tests involving maths.

Women do better at tests involving language and words, as well as verbal reasoning. They also score better on some memory tests.

It is increasingly believed that men greatly outnumber women in top academic posts in the sciences due to institutionalized discrimination. Now that this has been recognized, greater numbers of women are rising to top posts.

Words and Verbal fluency : 

In a reasearch conducted by, a task that asks you to generate as many words as you can that begin with a certain three-letter stem was given to a group including men and women
For example, the stem might be “psy-” and you could create “psych,” “psyche,” “psychology,” etc. Looking at data from 78,816 females and 37,744 males who met the criteria for this analysis,
we see that, on average, females perform slightly better on this task than males (see the figure below).

This sample was drawn from users at the beginning of their experience with Lumosity, i.e. before they’ve done much training. According to the data, the average female could generate 18.6 words per game,
while the average male came up with about 16.9 words. So, at least by this measure, we can say that women have the advantage when it comes to generating words. This dovetails with the claims made my most
scientific literature that females have, in general, an advantage when it comes to verbal processing in the brain.



The average female was initially able to solve 60.9 equations per mathematic game, while the average male could solve 64.6 equations per game. While males have a clear advantage here, it’s worth noting that this advantage

(6%, as measured by performance on Raindrops) is not as impressive as the advantage females have when it comes to verbal reasoning (10%, as measured by performance).

Conclusion : 

God himself did not discriminate when he made our world.Men and women do have their differences,the way you find variety in nature..Its the absolute duty of every parent,to provide right circumstances and oppurtunities,to a child,without making any kind of discrimination on the grounds of his or her gender.

Data :,


A brain-scan study conducted by a French research team suggests that language performance and differences in brain activity may be affected by a person's sex.
Researchers at Montpellier 1 University (UM1) say that they have found differences among male and female groups on activation strength linked to verbal fluency, i.e. word generation, in a new fMRI studyThe findings from previous fMRI studies identifying the neural basis of sex differences in language production are still in debate, according to background information in a research article published in the journal Cortex.
Particularly, the question of group differences in verbal abilities, which might account for neurocognitive differences elicited between men and women, still remain unresolved.Despite the cerebral regions involved in both men and women being identical, men show greater activation than women, irrespective of performance levels in classical language regions—namely, frontal, temporal and occipital lobes, and cerebellum.
The researchers revealed that from a representative sample of 331 French speakers, students showing a sex difference for a verbal fluency task, with women scoring higher than men as reported in the literature, four groups of 11 healthy right handed subjects were selected a priori.
According to them, the selection was based on sex and contrasted scores in a fluency task, that is, high versus low verbal fluency scores.The 44 subjects were submitted to a covert verbal fluency fMRI protocol, they revealed.
Besides a sex effect, the research team also noticed a performance effect irrespective of sex.Low fluency subjects elicit greater activation in the anterior cingulate than high fluency subjects, with the later activating the cerebellum more than those with low performances.
10/12/2012  :  The Times Of India.


We all know that while relationships can be incredibly fulfilling, they aren't always easy. They're hard work and require oodles of love, patience and, well, sometimes the ability to know when to keep your mouth shut! We wanted to know the things that men are dying to tell us gals, but don't! Here, they reveal the things that drive 'em nuts! Listen up, ladies!

Things men want to tell women:

1. Stop checking in so much

"I am fairly easy-going and not a lot bugs me. But one example of what bugs me and I don't say anything about is the constant need for a woman to stay in touch with us – several times throughout the day, for no reason other than to say 'hi'. Can it not wait until later? Ninety per cent of the time it's "Hey, how is your day, what's up for later, are you done yet?" It drives me crazy. If I say I am golfing on Sunday and should be home around 4 p.m., that means that if plans change, I will call. There's no need to try and reach me during my game to ask how the game is going. It would be much better if you weren't bugging me..." -- Adrian Needham, 37

2. Quit spending so much money

"My wife is very spend-happy. She loves to shop and I think it's excessive. But I no longer say anything because when I have in the past, it's always ended up in a big, blowout argument. Her need to spend and my need to save makes us butt heads all the time but when I think of the options, I'd just rather keep the peace instead of engaging in fight after fight. If shopping makes her happy, I can tolerate it – as long as it doesn't put us in the poorhouse!"  -- Mark Miller, 32

3. Sorry, but that dress just doesn't look good on you

"The obvious things one cannot tell one's partner is that they need to lose weight or that the clothes they have on look awful. Closely related to that is the desire that most men have that their partner look sexy. Try telling your wife or girlfriend to show a little more of her assets the next time you go out. You may get a slap or a dirty look at a minimum.

 If you happen to be married to a career woman you will also find it hard to give them advice about what to do at their place of employ. I do it anyway but it is with genuine trepidation!" -- Paul Jacobelli, 42

"I don't tell my wife what I really think about her cooking. I find it tasteless and bland and night after night, we eat the same things, with very slight variations. But she puts a lot of effort into feeding our family and so I don't say anything about it. However, I've been known to surprise her with takeout or dinner at a restaurant on many, many occasions!" -- Howard Van Os, 36

4. Honey, I just don't like your cooking

"I don't tell my wife what I really think about her cooking. I find it tasteless and bland and night after night, we eat the same things, with very slight variations. But she puts a lot of effort into feeding our family and so I don't say anything about it. However, I've been known to surprise her with takeout or dinner at a restaurant on many, many occasions!" -- Howard Van Os, 36

(Names have been changed to protect the identities)

10/12/2102  :  Canadian Living.


Scientists saw improved brain connections after participants had just 11 hours of training

Scientists revisited results from two 2010 studies, taking a closer look at what the scans revealed.

Just a month of meditation training alters brain wiring in ways that could open the door to new treatments for mental disorders, research has shown.Scientists looked at the effects of integrative body-mind training (IBMT) on two groups of university students.

After just four weeks, or 11 hours, of training scans showed physical changes in the brains of the volunteers.

Nerve fibres, known as 'white matter', became denser, providing greater numbers of brain-signalling connections. At the same time there was an expansion of myelin, the protective fatty insulation surrounding nerve fibres.

The effects were seen in the anterior cingulate cortex region of the brain, which helps regulate behaviour.Poor nerve activity in this part of the brain is associated with a range of mental problems, including attention deficit disorder, dementia, depression, and schizophrenia.
The study built on previous research based on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans that first highlighted brain changes induced by IBMT.

10/12/2012  :  Claire Bates / Daily Mail UK.


Recent studies highlight a long-held suspicion about the brains of males and females. They're not the same. So how does the brain of a female look and function differently from a male's brain, and what accounts for these differences?

Disparities Start Early in Life

Scientists now know that sex hormones begin to exert their influence during development of the fetus. A recent study by Israeli researchers that examined male and female brains found distinct differences in the developing fetus at just 26 weeks of pregnancy

The disparities could be seen when using an ultrasound scanner. The corpus callosum -- the bridge of nerve tissue that connects the right and left sides of the brain -- had a thicker measurement in female fetuses than in male fetuses.

Observations of adult brains show that this area may remain stronger in females. "Females seem to have language functioning in both sides of the brain," says Martha Bridge Denckla, PhD, a research scientist at Kennedy Krieger Institute.

Consider these recent findings. Researchers, using brain imaging technology that captures blood flow to "working" parts of the brain, analyzed how men and women process language. All subjects listened to a novel. When males listened, only the left hemisphere of their brains was activated. The brains of female subjects, however, showed activity on both the left and right hemispheres.

This activity across both hemispheres of the brain may result in the strong language skills typically displayed by females. "If there's more area dedicated to a set of skills, it follows that the skills will be more refined," says David Geary, PhD, professor of psychological sciences at the University of Missouri.

10/12/2012  :  WebMD.

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